The Assemblies of God (AOG) was founded in 1914 in Arkansas, U.S.A. Back then it was called a ‘voluntary, cooperative fellowship’. On April 2nd to 12th of the same year, the first General Council of the Assemblies of God was held, where 200-300 attendees from many church backgrounds attended the meeting including Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational, to name a few. The common link amongst the attendees was their zeal for God and more importantly, the strong belief in Baptism in the Holy Spirit. This, together with speaking in tongues became distinctive of the Pentecostal movement (Acts 1:1-5, 8; Acts 2:4).

Evangelizing the world, through its missionary work, was also one of the reasons for the formation of the Assemblies Of God (AOG) fellowship. And it is through its mission work, that the AOG came to Fiji.

AOG in Fiji

World Missions for the AOG started around 1919. Fijis first missionaries were probably Albery and Lou Page, who arrived in Fiji, in late May 1913. This was followed by the Heeterbys around 1926. Mr. Maynard Ketcham chaired the meeting in 1959 to organize the Assemblies of God in Fiji.